Total Concrete Products

Proudly made in the King Country since the 1960's

Drainage Products 

Our range of drainage products are known far and wide for their quality and ease of use

Porous (Soak Rings) & Non-Porous Liners

We manufacture both Porous and Non-Porous Liners:

900mm Wide x 900mm High Liner

900mm Wide x 450mm High Liner

450mm Wide x 750mm High Liner

Risers are available in 75, 100, 150 & 200mm heights for our liners

We manufacture Lids with or without 100mm Holes in the centre of the lid:

450mm Wide x 65mm Thick

1080mm Wide x 65mm Thick

1080mm Wide x 100mm Thick

900mm Wide x 80mm Thick

720mm Wide x 80mm Thick

1500mm Wide x 75mm Thick Offal Hole Lid

We manufacture a large range of other products

                 =  Tree Rings
                 =  Drainage Gully Surrounds
                 =  Cesspits
                 =  Paving Stones

We are also able to supply

                 =  Manholes
                 =  Concrete & Plastic Culverts
                 =  Small Pre-cast Concrete Pads
                 =  Masonry Construction Blocks
                 =  Retaining Wall Blocks