Total Concrete Products

Proudly made in the King Country since the 1960's

Water Troughs

We manufacture high quality water troughs, all with integral plastic ballcock inlet, and optional ballcock covers

Sheep Troughs (Oblong)

80 Gallon (360 Litre)       1900mm Long x 700mm Wide x 410mm High

120 Gallon (540 Litre     2140mm Long x 900mm Wide x 410mm High

Sheep Troughs (Round)

60 Gallon (270 Litre)            1000mm Wide x 460mm Height

75 Gallon (335 Litre)            1280mm Wide x 360mm Height

125 Gallon (560 Litre)           1730mm Wide x 360mm Height

Cattle Troughs (Round)

290 Gallon (1305 Litres)        1800mm Wide x 670 High

We also manufacture a range of Pig, Horse & Dog Water & Feed troughs. Call us on 0800 TROUGH to discuss your needs.